The Gospel

Take your taste buds on a trip...It will blow your funky mind. Inspired by our journeys through sight & sound, taking inspiration and paying homage to our favorite journeys & tunes, you can taste the influence in every bite...

Our cookies are a true labor of love. We hand-mix an insane amount of goodies into every cookie. Each bite is a synesthetic experience, a gustatory transport, a party in your mouth... No two cookies are alike, in fact they are unlike any others out there.

handmade by us with love in brooklyn.

We are PROUD to use ETHICALLY SOURCED FAIR TRADE Guittard chocolate in our cookies!

GUITTARD : "...We are committed to responsible sourcing throughout our supply chain and do not tolerate illegal practices, including child labor or unsafe working conditions. Quality products, improvements in environment and strong communities are the pillars of our sourcing efforts. Our engagement on the farm level is designed to ensure the long-term success of the farmers and the co-ops from whom we purchase our beans. We are working to build relationships throughout our supply chain that will create and maintain thriving cocoa growing communities, from collaborating with farmers on their post-harvest techniques to developing programs focused on education, increasing income to farming families, emphasizing women’s empowerment, increasing quality and continuing to deliver premium prices to our farmers." 
- Guittard website learn more

We PROUDLY Support local businesses for our ingredients: Sahadi, NYC Greenmarkets, Porto Rico Roasters, local Dairy Farms.

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Smorgasburg Brooklyn Sat & Sun
Stand Coffee Samsung 837
Stand Coffee Seaport
Cafe Integral 
George Andres Vintage Cafe


Sarah, Molly, Josh & Eric :)