starring ...

{it’s only rock n roll but i like itClassic Chocolate Chunk +

{be a traveler of both time & spaceearl grey, smoked almonds & dark chocolate

{hunka, hunka} peanut butter, salty peanuts, dark chocolate & banana

{sharif does like itfresh mint & dark chocolate

{on the midnight trainpeach, pecan, maple & dark chocolate

{tales of brave ulyssesfig, pear, plum, apricot, sage, walnut & honey

{mocha, choco, latte, ya yavietnamese coffee, sweet milk, dark chocolate
{jungle boogie} toasted coconut, mango, toasted rice, dark chocolate

{any major dude will tell you} smashed salty pretzel & dark chocolate
{strange brew}  ginger, cranberries, crystalized ginger & cinnamon

{how come you taste so goodsmoked salt & (butter) scotch

{taste of campfires & chaosburnt marshmallow, smashed graham crackers + dark chocolate

{phase one, dig itoats, caramelized apple, dark & golden raisins, walnuts + orange zest